PBS Celebrations

PBS stands for “Positive Behavior Support“, our way of rewarding our students each month for making good choices throughout the day, and for the following classroom and “THINK” rules. Students will get special stamps for their positive behavior, and if they have collected enough, they will be invited to attend a fun, creative activity. The number of stamps needed for activities ranges from 6 to 16, and the celebrations include activities such as dances, book character parade, decorating cookies, movies, and ice cream sundaes. Please ask your student about PBS, and encourage him/her to follow the school rules each day so they can be a part of the fun!!

The Most Important Teacher

Parents, YOU are your child’s most important teacher! One way you can find great ideas for helping your child in school or for parenting is to visit the PIRC website or calling PIRC. Free information!

www.floridapirc.usf.edu   866-775-8661

Tips for Success

Parents – for testing days and every day! Easy, affordable tips for success! Things anyone can easily do!
Have your child…

  • Well-rested for school every day. At least 8 hours of good sleep each night is what children need to be able to think and learn at their best!
  • Drink much more water than anything else. Our brains function much better when we drink lots of water!
  • Eat foods that give them brain and body strength. Fresh vegetables and fruits, some beans or meat, whole grain bread, some dairy foods, lots of water – everyday! Cut back on sugars and fatty foods as these slow down the ability to think clearly and stay alert. If you cannot offer your child a healthy breakfast, make SURE they arrive at school early enough to eat here
    with us – no later than 7:45!
  • Understand that learning is not just for school hours. Everything we do contributes to our learning. It’s amazing to realize we are learning all day long, no matter where we are! That’s why it’s important to make sure we provide smart, healthy environments and opportunities for our children.
  • Expect to bring their whole self to the task of learning at school each day. Teachers can provide the setting, materials, and guidance, but each student must choose to receive and use these gifts! Model your appreciation for the opportunity to be schooled.